Thursday, February 14, 2008

Star Trek Pushed Back to May 2009

Too bad: the release of Star Trek has been pushed backed by Paramount to May 8th, 2009.

This reschedule is probably due to the writer's strike: studios prefer to postpone some releases in order to avoid a shortage of movies. Because of the strike 3 months have been lost indeed.

Star Trek USS EnterpriseInitially planned for the end of December 2008 fans of Star Trek will have to wait four months more. Really too bad!

Let's hope some teasers and trailers will be beamed on the web along the year: how to wait otherwise!


Theway2k said...

Major bummer! Being a Trekkie since my childhood and the original, this is disappointing news.

At least it is still coming out, right?!

Anonymous said...

I wonder when we are going to see the full length trailer, that teaser has been out for months now!

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