Monday, November 17, 2008

Star Trek Official Movie Trailer

Star trek Movie - USS EnterpriseThe count down is now over and the official full length trailer of the movie Star Trek is finally available. In its full glory this Star Trek trailer will really blow you away, and if you're a real Trekkie, you will cry of happiness!

Here below the official Star Trek movie trailer:

The count went to zero on the official site, then back to 1 day!!!
Hope it will be available in a few minutes!

Fortunately an anonymous visitor pointed us to Apple, to watch the official trailer of Star trek in HD: --> Star trek Trailer HD

Many thanks to you dear anonymous!

Now available here:

At long last a Star Trek movie that Trekkers may proudly mention to counter Star Wars fans! If I may dare a bold statement I am quite sure that this Star Trek movie will be the best space opera movie ever filmed!

The heyday of science fiction will be back thanks to J.J. Abrams and his gorgeous Star Trek movie!


James said...

Not long to go now, going to be a mad flurry of web activity when it finally goes live!

Star Trek said...

The buzz around J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie is gonna be damned huge indeed! And the movie will boldly conquer the box office in 2009. :)

Anonymous said...

The way it looks Star Trek is back at its most pure form. Which is at its greatest

adele said...

Lighten up, folks!!! I absolutely love Star Trek and wish it was a true world.I will always be a Star Trek fan and I advise people to look beyond the obvious and check out the shades of it.

Samer said...

Damnnn trailer is great, cant wait for the movie !! :D

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